SDK Vivid Mind

Advanced Diagnostics Integration at Your Fingertips.

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New possibilities

Enrich your application with advanced cognitive function analysis, offering users a modern tool in neurological disease prevention.

Easy integration

Designed with developers in mind, our SDK ensures intuitive use and minimizes the integration process.

Highest Safety Standards

We understand the importance of data privacy and patient safety. Our SDK sets the gold standard for information protection.


With our SDK, adapting our solution to your application, regardless of the technology used, is easier than ever.

Professional Support:

Our dedicated technical team is always ready to provide assistance and ensure support at every stage

SDK Vivid Mind

In the era of digital medical evolution, adapting technological innovations to individual needs is the key to efficacy.

SDK Vivid Mind is the answer to these challenges, enabling smooth integration of our advanced cognitive diagnostic tool into any medical or telemedicine application.

With SDK Vivid Mind, your medical software gains a new, revolutionary dimension, and patients benefit from groundbreaking solutions in neurological diagnostics.

SDK Vivid Mind

An advanced tool for integrating advanced cognitive diagnostics in medical applications.

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