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Memeo Clinic

An advanced diagnostic tool for specialists.

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New generation of cognitive function diagnostics

Early detection of cognitive disorders can lead to effective treatment that may slow down or even prevent the development of dementia. Unfortunately, current diagnostic methods are often time-consuming and allow the detection of problems at a later stage of the disease. Advanced

Vivid Mind technology enables fast and precise diagnosis using a smartphone.

How does Memeo Clinic work?

Patients are asked to record a short pronunciation of the letter 'a'. The recording is then analyzed, and the resulting spectrogram is assessed by our AI classifier.

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Utilizes cutting-edge technology for early detection of cognitive problems


The test takes less than 30 seconds


A tool free from linguistic, cultural, and educational biases.

Continuous improvement

Our AI is constantly learning, enhancing diagnostic accuracy.
In progress

Memeo Clinic

An advanced diagnostic tool that helps specialists in early detection of cognitive disorders.

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